Company Overview

Contour Networks is a security-focused, global provider of IoT and enterprise networking solutions.

Working together with world class carrier, hardware, and software partners, Contour’s solutions are specifically designed to exceed rigorous security standards across multiple industries. Contour’s unique relationship and network infrastructure allow customers the ability to conveniently expand existing networks wirelessly, with the security and controls of dedicated terrestrial networks.

Contour provides a suite of standard, secure, IOT solutions or offers consultative and network engineering services for customized solutions appropriate for your company's specific security and communication needs. 

Founded in 2006 to address the need secure and reliable wireless data services, Contour Networks has evolved into a technology leader in the communications space. Contour Networks and Contour Networks Japan are subsidiaries of JCI Group Companies with headquarters in Denver and offices in Tokyo, Atlanta, and Kansas City.  JCI is listed in Section One of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (9424.T)

Reshape the Way You Connect.

Secure and Reliable

Transportation of Information







August 18th, 2020

JCI US and Trend Micro partner to research and develop SIM card-based mobile network security solutions 

June 25th, 2020

JCI US to deliver secure, private connectivity via its USIM programmable SIM platform using Geoverse’s Network as a Service

September 18, 2019

JCI US (Contour Networks) Celebrates the Commercial Launch of CBRS OnGo

September 10, 2019

Federated Wireless announces Initial Commercial Deployments of CBRS, Shared Spectrum Services, including Contour Networks

June 24, 2019

JCI US (Contour Networks) introduces a SIM Platform for LTE/CBRS Network Testing and Management

What We Do

Contour engineers and delivers secure,wireless network solutions  All of Contour’s solutions, whether standard or custom, are developed with customer needs in mind. We deliver products that are innovative and meet customer requirements, including features tailored to our customer's specific industry in ways that let them know that Contour deeply understands the unique challenges they face.

Our mission is to provide secure, reliable transportation of our customer's information. All of our products are built on top of an end-to-end PCI-certified and SOC compliant private network with direct connections to our carrier partners that is purpose built to deliver on this mission. 


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Simplifying authentication and profile needs for CBRS/LTE environments, U SIM is a programmable test SIM for CBRS networks. The application based product allows for multiple SIM profiles, is hardware agnostic, and supports LTE networks globally.

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At the heart of all our standard network products is Contour SecureCORE. Our private network that avoids the pitfalls and dangers of running across the public Internet. Sessions are routed directly to our redundant data centers from our carrier partners and travel unseen by potential cyber criminals.



Our proprietary business continuity solution that provides wireless backup for business-critical functions when  your terrestrial line in unavailable. Included in Contournuity is whitelist filtering to ensure your business traffic is not competing with complementary WiFi or other non-essential traffic

Contournuity can also include a managed service where the fail-over to wireless and the fail-back to your primary service is managed at your Contour router.



ContourLink is an integrated network, wholesale solutions for communication providers to securely expand the reach of their network, wirelessly. 



CIPA compliant service that is secured at the network level, not simply at the device. SecurED can be added to a cellular-enabled device or as a mobile WiFi hotspot. Administrators have full access to a CIPA dashboard.

Because we have full control of the network, SecurED can also be used to extend an existing campus network through our cellular network. Traffic can then be routed securely to your school's existing CIPA infrastructure where you can maintain a single point of control for CIPA policies.



Contour Networks powers Healthcare Kiosks throughout the United States and Canada. Using LTE-based private networking, customers are able to securely transmit sensitive user data to their servers and update messages and advertising on their kiosks to keep content relevant.


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